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March Staff Picks 2022

Spring cleaning? Make room for these...

Our staff of musicians, teachers, parents, and students share what they've been loving around the shop! If you're re-arranging your music room, or have a little more space due to spring cleaning, we know exactly what to bring into your musical home this March.

"This wonderful piece is an absolutely precision copy of the iconic Meyer Bros NY model of the 1950’s. The originals can typically sell for as much as $2500.

These Select Jazz mouthpieces are milled from solid rod hard rubber and boast incredible accuracy, tuning and are very “reed friendly.” Perfect for Modern Jazz, but also great for Concert, Lead Alto Big Band and Marching. A timeless classic made super affordable and of the highest quality. Bring your horn and give it a try!"

- Richard Sullivan

“Maple leaf has once again created an instrument that is truly astounding. The ease with which this violin generates a warm, personal tone is astonishing, and the meticulous artistry with which it is crafted is jaw-dropping. Everyone who plays violin should give this instrument a try.”

- Wyatt Whiting-Hill

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“These clear music clips are a must for gigging musicians, and for music students of all ages. They are see-through, and nearly page length, so you can be sure your lead sheets and method books will stay put, while still easily reading the music beneath! ”

- Jacob LaBar

“The Mapex Armory series is ideal if you’re a drummer who does it all. If you’re regularly playing gigs, looking for a tight, modern sound for use in the studio, or need a drum kit that’s gonna really cut through if you’re jamming with a full band, I highly recommend the Armory. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of drum sets."

- Chico

“As a teacher, I go through tons of manuscript, and tablature paper. The Big Slab of Tab gives me an ample supply to work with. It’s also printed large enough, to help in clear, and concise transcriptions of guitar music. I’m unbelievably on my fifth purchase of this awesome book.”


“Everyone needs a good umbrella for monsoon season or anytime it decides to pour with no warning. I’m obsessed with the classic wooden handle and how well it opens and folds back up. Like no more wrestling your umbrella just to get it closed. Now you can get caught in the rain in style”

- Katie Martin

"I love the tone, vibe, and consistency of the P. Mauriat Saxophones. They are hard to keep in stock! We just received the brand new PMST285 Grand Dreams Tenor sax in Cognac. Richard, our sax specialists really likes the Grand Dream! He demoed the horn with the Jody Jazz HR6 mouthpiece. He says it plays similar to a Selmer Mark VI and is very even from the top to the bottom of the horn. Its a great all-around tenor sax and would be good for jazz, concert or classical. "

- Leslie Stirm

“Flashcards like these were so helpful when I was learning music, and now I use them with my students. They’re effective and affordable and incredibly useful when navigating note reading for the first time or trying to learn a new clef."

- Michael Santander

“Wanna start a sweet surf band? Wally’s staff pick is this amazing Driftwood finished Mapex Drum Kit! Includes hardware. Yes… DRIFTWOOD!"

- Wally


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