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May Staff Picks 2021

May this blog post find you well...

Summer is just around the corner, and so are some exciting announcements. But right now our team of musicians, parents, teachers, and students fell in love with some awesome new instruments and accessories that came through our doors!

This month our staff shares their May Product Picks:

"This gives the already tonally beautiful VC305 the added bonus of being able to be amplified! The pickup is embedded in the top of the instrument so there is no disturbance to the bridge, with the 3.5mm jack placed discreetly behind the tailpiece. Add these unique features to the Larsen/Spirocore string combo and your cello will sing in both intimate and large settings. This technology comes in select advanced and professional options for Violin, Viola, and Cello!”

“This light is useful for pretty much anyone! This product makes any setting have professional lighting at a killer price. Changes colors between different shades of blue, green, red and some other fun colors to light up any space. Can be used for studios, weddings, church events, or any place that could be brightened up. Also has different modes of static color, chase sequences, fade sequences, and sound active mode! This thing is so cool and useful, I already have ten!”

“Add some flair to that new track you’ve been working on! Use it as a drumstick. Use it as a shaker. Train your dog to come to you when it jingles. The possibilities are endless!"

"This is my favorite condenser mic in the store. This is the perfect mic if you’re just beginning at-home recording, or if you’re a professional engineer looking for an affordable way to expand your arsenal of sounds. Not to mention this is a great mic for streaming!"

"This bass is so versatile you can get just about any bass sound you'd ever want out of it. The neck is perfect for a 5 string, it's so sturdy. I love playing this bass."

"If you’re like me, you watched all of Bridgerton regrettably fast and quickly clocked that many of the songs in the show were string arrangements of some iconic pop songs. The sheet music to ‘Bad Guy,’ ‘Thank U, Next,’ and ‘Wildest Dreams’ arranged for string quartet are my pick because I IMMEDIATELY wanted to

learn how to play these arrangements and now I can!"

"This 30-Watt bass amp puts out a surprising amount of volume, and the SGT Overdrive Circuit adds a touch of extra grit. Lightweight and moderately priced, it’s a perfect practice amp for anyone."

"Do you take your mouthpiece on the go? I know I do! Before you toss it in a bag or your pocket, PROTEC-t it from dents, scratches, tarnish, and chips with one of these zippered pouches."

- Jordan Robison


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