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May Staff Picks 2022

may staff picks musical instruments and accessories

Must Have Staff Picks this May!

Summer is on the way! For some that might mean a summer vacation with ample time to play and practice, for others it might mean big summer gigs! However you're planning to spend it our staff of musicians, teachers, parents, and students have their suggestions of awesome items to take into summer with you!

d'addario humidipak guitar control system

"SUMMER IS COMING! If you’ve got a solid top guitar or all solid acoustic instrument the Humidipak is a no brainer. This system is refillable and will last you all season. "

- Chico

hearos high fidelity earplugs

“HEROS High Fidelity earplugs are the first earplugs I’ve found that I actually LOVE! I’ve been using them for years. They are comfortable, reusable, and washable. They protect your ears without muddying up the music you hear. Take care of your most valuable asset as a musician: your EARS! (Trumpets sold separately)”

- Wes McCanse

cort G290FATAVBU G series electric guitar

“This guitar has a ton of sustain and feels so substantial. The tone it puts out is super fat too, and the 5 way switch lets you shape the tone in a ton of different ways. Plus the birdseye maple neck and flame maple top look so cool.”

- Brian Lesh

d'addario spector violin mute

“This iconic mute has been around for quite some time, and serves a definitive purpose in every violinist’s arsenal. It is extremely easy to slide up into “active” position, making it ideal for quick changes during a performance. It pulls off just a pinch of the high end from your sound, and reduces volume slightly to give you a silky smooth sound that is addictively playable.”

- Dakota Cavanaugh

cort artisan series a4 plus electric bass guitar

“Cort’s seamless neck-thru design and beautiful flamed maple and mahogany body construction is matched only by its top-notch Bartolini electronics. Smooth playability and infinite tone possibilities allowed by the active/passive switch make this bass a winner. "

- Wyatt Whiting-Hill

a modern method for guitar volumes 1, 2 & 3

“This is a serious piece of guitar literature that is the basic textbook from the Berklee School of Music!”

- Wally

juno reeds alto saxophone

“As a Saxophonist who performs, records and teaches, I find the Juno Reed a great choice for all of my needs. They are very consistent and have a nice balance between a bright and warm sound. Not just for students!”

- Richard Sullivan

pro mark stick depot

"The Stick Depot is great for drummers who want to keep multiple pairs of sticks ready to go at a moment's notice! With the wide opening clamp, it takes only a second to clip on or off, and the stick holsters rotate to help them fit any situation."

- Jacob LaBar

Yamaha FS3 red label concert acoustic guitar

“I love the FS3/FG3 Yamaha Red label acoustic guitars. They have a big voice (thanks to solid tone woods) and a tasty vintage vibe. The Sitka top is "aged" with a patented ARE torrefaction process. It's a great guitar for beginners and players alike... Come give it a spin!"

- Leslie Stirm

boss rc-1 loop station pedal

“This looper is great. This looper is great. This looper is great. This looper is great. This looper is great. This looper is great. This looper is great."

- Katie Martin

d'addario pro plus guitar capo

“Innovation is the reason for my pick. They have actually simulated the anatomy of the human finger. By better understanding what a finger does when it frets a string, the Wiz kids at D’addario invented Flex Fit Technology. With silicon inside of a rubber sleeve, the capo instantly snaps in tune, on pretty much any type of guitar you play. As a shoe gazing guitar player, I cannot function without the two capos I use. I have to use multiples because some work great on some guitars, not on the others. This Pro Plus genuinely solves the problem. I will be buying mine as soon as I’m done typing this."

- Syd


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