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New VENN Synthetic Reeds by D'Addario

D'Addario has developed a new Advanced Synthetic Reed series that outlasts and outperforms your traditional cane reeds!

The Clarinet Reed

"VENN Clarinet Reeds provide previously unimaginable consistency, stability, and longevity. The brilliant design blends the sonic excellence of an organic reed with the resilience of a synthetic, giving clarinetists a superior playing experience." - D'Addario


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The Saxophone Reeds

"VENN Saxophone Reeds were developed by the industry's most revered engineers. By layering different strengths of polymer fiber with resin and organic elements, VENN can outlast and outperform virtually any saxophone reed." - D'Addario


Free local delivery/shipping!

How do they work?

What strength should you use?

"In 2014, I challenged our Woodwinds team to create the first synthetic reed to duplicate the properties and playing characteristics of natural cane. After numerous years and thousands of hours, we accomplished the task by creating a material matrix of co-polymers, longitudinal fibers, and real cane elements that have the physical and sonic properties of real cane."

- JIM D'ADDARIO, Chief Innovation Officer/Chairman of the Board at D'Addario

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