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October Staff Picks 2021

IMC Staff Scares Up Their Picks for October

It's October and our staff of students, teachers, parents, and musicians are just DYING to share their picks with you!

"I have absolutely no bones to pick with this professional tenor trombone. It's enGRAVEd artist rotor is to DIE for in form and function. The scalloped harmonic pillar system makes tuning this trombone an absolute delight and it's easy on the eyes too... so I'm told. I clearly don't have eyes. "

- Remy Aines

“I love that it's small and compact, yet useful for so many things like tuning drums, assembling furniture and opening cold soda pops! It's great for at home and on the go.”

- Katie Martin

"These eye-catching sparkle ukuleles are a great addition to any ukulele collection. Whether you are just starting out or have been playing forever, this ukulele not only looks incredible but also sounds great! Coming in sparkle aqua and red, it's hard to not pick this up as soon as you see it! I definitely didn't hesitate to pick one up!"

- Shirleen Lee

“I love these mini stompboxes from NUX. Building your first pedal board? Looking for well made pedals for under $100 each? These are the perfect place to start!”

- Chico

“There is a reason Coda Bow is one of the most recognizable names in the orchestral string world. They. Are. Awesome. A perfect bow for the advancing musician at every stage. Also, perfect for our Arizona climate where we often worry about bows warping. This is not an issue with these beautifully constructed carbon fiber bows.”

- Michael Santander

“Back at it again with a reminder that teenage girls run the world. This album is amazing, and spans a ton of different genres. From ballads to wails, ukuleles to synthesizers, this album has a little bit of everything for everyone, and if you don’t buy it for your teenager buy it for yourself.”

- Lucille Petty

"I've missed it, you've missed it; some of us have literally been dying for it to come back in! Swing by IMC and grab a bottle of that classic Al Cass valve, slide, and key oil now!"

- Jordan Robison

“Vinyl is Back! Music lovers the world over are digging the warm clarity of the LP. This great turntable by Pro-Ject Audio Systems is a high quality unit perfect for spinning that vinyl collection that’s been gathering dust.”

- Richard Sullivan

“The Nu-X Mighty Lite BT mini modeling amp has all you need to play music on an electric guitar. Do you need drums, too? This little amp has groove built right in. If you need a portable, Bluetooth enabled speaker for the office, this can be that, too. My favorite part? The tones are sweet, and inspiring. This little guy answers the call, no matter what or who is on the other end.”

- Syd

“Letting all of your mutes bang around inside your case is a bit frightening at times. While it may officially be spooky scary doot doot season, there’s no reason to be scared about your gear getting damaged. Be like our newest staff member Remy - and sport a mute bag to lug around those weapons of mass doot-struction.”

- Dakota Cavanaugh


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