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Waza-Air Personal Wireless Headphone Guitar Amp

If you've been finding it hard to practice guitar at home without disturbing your family or your neighbors, meet your new best friend.

Waza-Air is a wireless headphone guitar amp. Maybe you've seen a pair like these before, but what makes this pair AMAZING is the use of BOSS spatial technology.

Not only can you add effects, and specify what kind of amp you want to play from with the BOSS Tone Studio App, you can specify exactly how you want the room to sound.

BOSS on the 'Amp-in-Room" tone:

"An integrated gyro sensor tracks your head movements as you play, driving sophisticated 3D algorithms that provide spatial realism that must be heard to be believed. And it all happens automatically, so all you have to do is plug in and go!"

Waza-Air has 3 different modes to best suit your needs:

Surround Mode - sounds like you're in a recording studio, and you can position exactly where the amp is.

Static Mode - the sound changes based on where your head moves, just like it would if you set up your amp in the real world. If you "face the amp," or "turn away from it" the sound adjusts.

Stage Mode - makes it feel like you're on stage with amps and other instrumentation behind you. Stream the music you love, and play along to it as if you're right on stage with your favorite musicians.


"This technology is simply incredible. It feels as if you are actually IN the room with the amp. You’ve never heard anything like it before."

Michael Santander

General Manager

Come buy yours today at IMC! Don't want to come in to the store? No problem!

Call or email ahead of time to have yours set aside.


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