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How to Book a Show at The Surly Wench [Pub in Tucson]

The Surly Wench Pub is a Tucson institution known for their for cocktails, monthly burlesque shows, burgers and industrial/goth music selections.

If you're looking for somewhere dimly lit to play pool, sing karaoke, or book your next show at you may be in luck.

Photo by: Steven Fletcher

We talked to Steph at The Surly Wench to find out everything you need to know about booking a show with them, and here's what we learned:

What is the best way to get in contact with you about booking?

Do you require a link to music the performer/band makes?

Yes please

Do you require a media package?

No media package required

Should a performer/band reach out to you directly, or do you prefer managers to contact you?

I prefer to work with the performers 

What can performers/bands expect in terms of payment?

Bands split a door cover

How far out should performers/bands reach out about booking?

At least 1 month

surly wench pub
Photo Credit: Andie G

Are performers required to fill the rest of the bill?

I prefer this. We like to keep it at 3 bands total. 2 is fine, just no more than 3

Are performers directly required to sell tickets ahead of time?


Is there anything else folks should know about the process? Anything we missed?

Performers must be 21+ including any friends or merch people. 

Learn more about The Surly Wench at


Is there another venue in town you'd like to learn how to book? Let us know!


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