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Local Spotlight - Jaime J

Jaime J Tucson Local Spotlight

Jaime J. Soto is a solo electronic musician & lead singer for Glacier.WAV

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We asked Jaime J 5 questions about their experience as a musician in Tucson. Here's what they said:

What's your favorite venue to play in Tucson?

I love playing Groundworks. It reminds me of my time as a teen watching shows, dancing, & performing at the all ages venue of my adolescent era, Skrappy's.

Groundworks is a loving environment where show goers have appreciation for the music and arts. I love the opportunities they provide for young folx interested in arts and music, too. Skrappy's shaped who I am and helped me develop my talent and passion for performing. It’s incredible to see Groundworks doing the same thing for youth.

What's the funniest thing that's happened during a performance?

I have always had performance anxiety that sometimes manifests into panic attacks and “the vomits.” Back In 2005 I played a show in Flagstaff, AZ. At the time, I was performing an original set of electronic music saved to floppy disc on a Technics sequencer (vintage!).

During the performance I managed to breeze through my opening song triumphantly living through heart palpitations and fear. I had cleared the anxious moment, or so I thought. When the second song started, my pre-show Taco Bell (a really bad choice) suddenly surged up my esophagus with no warning. I blocked the burrito supreme’s exit behind my tightly pressed lips, calmly put down my microphone, & walked off stage towards the bathroom. I reached for the bathroom door when a random man blurted out “Someone’s in there.”

I waved at the man with my cheeks full and then projectile vomited into a bucket magically set side stage. I returned to the stage, picked up my mic and said, “I just barfed.” The crowd erupted into cheers for me. I got asked out on a date afterwards even though there was a long vomit stain running down my shirt. That suitor later became my first boyfriend. Love wins?

Glacier.WAV Tucson

What's your first memory as a musician?

I remember being a part of a group in kindergarten that was supposed to sing “Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush” for a parents day celebration. On performance day none of the other kids in my group showed up. When it was show time I walked up to the microphone, adjusted its height like a seasoned pro, and sang the song all alone. Was this a premonition of my future solo career? I wonder whatever happened to those kids...

What's your favorite song to perform?

It changes often. Right now it’s a Glacier.WAV song called, “Too Far From Home.” It’s about feeling homesick for a home you never had. It’s about realizing the person that stands by you is your home. It’s about leaning in to love that person although it feels terrifying. It always makes me tear up on stage a little.

The music reminds me of a song that would play during Atreyu’s long voyage in The Never Ending Story. It feels so epic. Shoutout to my bandmate, Frank Anzaldua, for the masterful music he brings to Glacier.WAV.

What's the best advice you've ever received?

This question made me laugh, because I can’t recall any actual advice I’ve ever received. There are a lot of quotes about music & performance that swim into my mind often. I have no idea where I picked them up, but here they are:

Jaime J Tucson musician

“Don’t be nervous!” (lololololsuuuuredude)

“Give them the same thing but a little different.”

“Nobody knows what the hell they’re doing.”

“I only like good music.” (plz explain)

“Take a chance you stupid ho.”

I find all of these quotes empowering… I think.


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