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October Staff Picks 2022

october staff picks musical instruments and accessories

Scary good picks we're DYING to share with you!

Spooky season is officially here and your favorite Halloween tunes were created by musicians just like you! Our staff of goblins, ghouls, monsters & mischief makers have gathered the instruments and accessories that give them the chills that they can't wait to treat you to.

sherman's bow glow violin rosin

"For those spooky dark room practice sessions… there’s Bow Glow! This light rosin goes on smooth and will feel great to the beginner or professional. When you expose it to light the rosin ‘charges’ up and it will offer a fun glow when in a dark room."

- Santander

instrumental music center gift card tarot spread

“Your future is in the cards. I can see it now. Reeds, guitar strings, a new ukulele. Choice. Yes CHOICE! You get to give the gift of choice to your friends, lovers, and family members. I see it now. Happiness. Much happiness.”

- Lucille

wawterman glow in the dark ukulele

“The perfect Spooky accessory to any costume. At only $45, it's also a unique hostess gift for that Halloween party! The Waterman ukes are fully plastic, so you can enjoy it on a boat, in the tub or in the rain! We've got these cuties in two colors: aqua and yellow!"

- Leslie

vandoren alto sax tenor clarinet reed mix card

“Scared to buy a brand new box of reeds you’ve never tried? The Vandoren mixed reed packs are a great way to try new reeds without committing to a full box! Best part is once you find the one you love we have all the varieties in stock. Happy reed exploring!”

- Katie

momentary kill switch for guitar

“The Momentary Kill Switch is a must for your guitar if you’re into chopping up some sounds 🧟 or if you like to pretend you’re playing old video games on your instrument. It’s a really fun mod to have. "

- Denny

Maple Leaf Strings Pernambuco-Wrapped Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

“Maple leaf has pushed the boundaries of orchestral technology with this beautiful bow. The camber is carbon-fiber, with a pernambuco wrap. This gives it the resilience of carbon-fiber construction, but allows it to retain the tonal characteristics and playability of a solid pernambuco wood bow. At half the price of their pernambuco bow, it’s an excellent choice for the outdoor player, the leveling-up student, or the seasoned professional.”

- Wyatt

Aspire Bongos by LP

"The perfect product for taking your percussion chops to any drum circle in town. Remy is currently using these bongos to add a little flair to their spooky season soundtrack.”

- Lui

krazy kazoo

“You can’t beat the Krazy Kazoo when it comes to that great Krazy Sound! With 16 different designs, it is a fun collectible and a perfect choice if you just want to make some of that Krazy music!”

- Richard

A.R Seidel used violin

“This unassuming violin found its way to IMC as a trade-in, and I absolutely love its tone! It is perfectly broken in and has a rich warmth in the lower midrange that fills the room. This particular violin offers tremendous value to the player as it’s the only violin in its price range that I’ve heard sing like it does. Come give it a try and hear for yourself!"

- Wes

Trade-in or sell YOUR used instrument!

audio technica m50xbt2 bluetooth headphones

“If you’re looking for an upgrade to your standard headphones, a solution to your mixing needs, or just want to evolve your music-listening experience these headphones are the key to your problems! These are incredibly high quality studio monitor headphones that give you crystal clear audio quality; you’ll never go back to normal headphones. AND THEY HAVE BLUETOOTH! What more could you ask for?"

- Chase

pearl flip mute drum key

“It’s a snare drum mute, it’s a drum key. Controlling overtones and quick adjustments have never been easier!"

- Chico


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