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Summer Demo Days - Try an Instrument for Free!

Saturdays from June 25th-August 6th | 11am-3pm


Drop by for a FREE instrument trial with a local instructor every Saturday this summer at IMC! No reservations or previous musical experience required. Try an instrument you've never played:

Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Violin, Viola, Cello, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, French Horn

Great for students, seasoned musicians, and late in life learners!

young girl taking violin lessons

Students: We know picking an instrument at the start of the school year can be a daunting task. There are TONS to choose from, they all function differently, and in some cases you never have the chance to even touch one until it's time to start band or orchestra class. That's why we want to empower students to go into class feeling confident they've picked the right instrument for them. With a wide range to choose from and a dedicated instructor on site to guide young learners through the process, we've got your back!

asian woman playing the flute

Seasoned musicians: There are never too many instruments to get your hands on. Long time players looking to start doubling, musicians of all trades, and collectors are invited to drop by to try their hand at a new instrument. Always wanted to try taking your piano skills over to a woodwind instrument? This is the perfect time to pick up a flute and make some magic. WARNING: you're probably going to fall in love with an unexpected instrument, but never fear, there are plenty to go around at IMC, and we've got financing options to soften the surprise.

man playing french horn

Later in life learners: Picture it. You've wanted to play french horn your whole life but you just never got around to it. You fell in love with them listening to the Star Trek theme years ago, you felt a pang in your chest again the last time you saw a new Star Wars movie and the soundtrack swept you away, and NOW your local music store is telling you you can just come into the shop and judgement free try one out with someone who knows what they're doing? That's fate if we've ever heard of it.

Stop by the store any Saturday this summer from June 25th-August 6th from 11am-3pm for our Summer Demo Days and try an instrument at no cost to you!


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