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Teacher Feature - Logan Greene

Logan Greene Guitar Teacher

Logan Greene (he/him/his) is a musician and youth music educator. Born and raised in Tucson, he is passionate about fostering an all-ages, DIY art and music space in the city where young people feel safe and supported.

Logan has been involved in music his entire life, and loves all aspects of the community. He has helped run venues and book shows in Tucson, and has toured all over — 48 contiguous states (plus Hawaii to make it 49), 10 countries, and counting! In 2019, he founded Groundworks Tucson, a nonprofit that promotes the youth-driven music and arts community here in town. Music and education are his passions and he is always excited to take on new students at any level.

We asked Logan six questions about his life as a music teacher:

How long have you been teaching for?

I was quick to start teaching as soon as I started learning to play; showing fellow peers and high schoolers guitar skills just days after learning them myself. But in a formal capacity, I started teaching guitar lessons in 2008 and in 2014 I went back to school to get my teaching certification. Since then I've worked with hundreds of students through both one-on-one private lessons, and group instruction in schools and beyond.

What instruments do you teach?

Guitar and Ukulele are my main instruments for teaching, but I also play and teach electric bass. I do have some background on beginning upright bass, piano, banjo and more, but my primary focus is Guitar/Uke instruction.

What's your favorite snack between students?

If I'm eating well, it's a banana and trail mix. If not... then it's In-N-Out.

What do you like most about teaching private lessons?

It's great to get to know the students directly and learn about not only their unique musical interests, but also their life outside of lessons! One-on-one lessons provide that opportunity as well as the ability to hone-in on specific strengths and weaknesses that each individual possesses. That being said, it's best to use lessons as a supplemental resource to support classes, ensembles, higher education and even rock bands!

Did you take lessons growing up?

I took a few piano lessons as a child and I remember learning a little bit of bass from my sister's friend Noah Harmon who later went on to play in The Airborne Toxic Event. However, I never had formal lessons. Instead much of what I learned about music was through high school jazz band, guitar class, orchestra and marching band. I later went on to study music at the University of Arizona with a degree in Music History, Theory & Criticism.

What's the best advice you've ever received?

"Life's a garden. Dig it." -Joe Dirt


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