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5 Benefits of Private Music Lessons

Whether you're brand new to making music or are an experienced player looking to brush up on your skills, private lessons can helpful for every musician.

Here are five benefits of taking private music lessons:

  1. Personalized lessons

  2. Individual attention

  3. Faster Progression

  4. Flexibility

  5. Improved skills

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trumpet lesson

Learn more about these 5 benefits of private music lessons below:

1. Personalized lessons: Whether you're hoping to reach a certain goal, have specific needs, or are prepping for audition season, private lessons are a great opportunity to tailor your practice sessions to what you want to accomplish.

2. Individual attention: It can be difficult to get the attention you require in a group classroom setting. Nothing beats the one-on-one attention players receive in private lessons, allowing them to ask questions and receive feedback immediately. Private teachers can also notice and address potential technical issues coming up that your band or orchestra director might not be able to catch or have the time to correct.

3. Faster progression: Because of the individual attention private instructors offer students hone their skills faster, develop a stronger understanding of music theory, and address their strengths and weaknesses sooner than those playing solely in ensembles.

violin lesson

4. Flexibility: Your instructor may have flexibility in their schedule to allow you to plan around the rest of life while still making dedicated time for music. Flexibility can also be offered in the music you work with. Where you may be playing certain pieces in school you can use lessons to explore different genres, styles, and techniques with your private instructor.

5. Improved skills: Whatever your reasoning for taking private lessons is, one thing is sure - you will improve your skills. Consistent and guided practice will improve your muscle memory, pacing, tone, and technical abilities while giving you the freedom to express yourself.

We recommend everyone take private lessons at some point in their musical career. If you're ready to dive in sign up here!


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