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August Staff Picks 2022

august staff picks musical instruments and accessories

Stunning Staff Picks this August!

Whether it's back to school, monsoon season, or your next gig on your mind our staff of students, parents, teachers & musicians have gathered their recent favorites to share with you in the midst of it all!

shure sm58 dynamic vocal microphone

"The Shure SM58 can take a bullet and keep on working perfectly. Literally. This is an industry standard mic that every sound person, live musician, podcaster and pro or home studio should ALWAYS have in their arsenal. "

Save 15% on all microphones this August in-store and online with coupon code AUDIO15

- Chico

gripophone phone lyre for low brass trumpet

“The Grip Phone is brand new to IMC, and I'm loving it! Not only can you use it as a lyre for your sheet music, or for referencing your drill sheets - You can use it to record your performances or rehearsals from your point of view. You can also use the mount to hold a gopro or other small accessories. I can't wait to see what you can make with these!”

- Jacob LaBar

Légère European Cut Synthetic Clarinet Reed

Légère European Cut Synthetic Clarinet Reed

“The Légère European Cut synthetic Clarinet reed is made from a safe food grade 100% Polypropylene. (Don’t eat it) This reed doesn’t require any soaking in water or preparation, just slap this reed on the mouthpiece and hit the ground running! For me this reed is extremely responsive, tons of projection, sounds great, and the best part: it’s 100% consistent so you’re always going to sound your best! The days of soaking your reeds are over!"

- Thomas Tovar

band musical instrument rentals

IMC’S Rental Program

“Here’s a haiku about our rentals:

Rent from us online

We’ll bring it to you for free

It’s super easy”

-Dakota Cavanaugh

remo rhythm lid drumhead

Remo Rhythm Lid Drumhead

“Street Drummers in NYC inspired this!

Fit to any 5 gallon utility bucket and you are ready to jam out with sticks, hands or mallets!

Remo Rhythm Lid Drumhead is available in 3 different tones and features Remo’s pro SKYNDEEP head for amazing sound and great durability."

- Richard Sullivan

Tritan 4-way Telecaster switch

Tritan 4-way Telecaster Switch

“This is a Tritan 4-way Telecaster switch. It allows you to get one more cool pickup option out of your Telecaster. It allows you to have the 2 pickups to be heard wired in series together as opposed to the parallel wiring normally heard in the middle position of a 3 way switch. So it basically sounds like a big humbucker with the coils spread far apart. ”

- Denny Seefieldt

whistle pop

Whistle Pop

"Practicing your new instrument has never been so sweet! With this Whistle Pop, you get a tasty treat and an instrument in one. Awesome bonus: inside each wrapper is a little song for you to play! Using the yellow pull out slide on the bottom of the stick, follow along with the provided slide positions and you’ll be jamming in no time!”

- Peyton Kerley

No Nuts

No Nuts

“These things are a game changer for any drummer who needs to tear down quickly and get off the stage to schmooze with their fans. No more spinning wing-nuts and losing felts. No more being the last one off the field after your marching show. No Nuts are indestructible and will make changeovers stress free. Come get some in your favorite color!”

- Wes McCanse

John Petrucci Picks

John Petrucci Picks

“Even if you don’t like Dream Theater, you’ll be dreaming about these picks once you try them! Typically I tend to enjoy medium thickness picks but a good friend of mine told me I had to try one of these and I’m so happy I did. This is now one of my favorite picks. So does the JP stand for 'John Petrucci' or 'just perfect'? Try these out and see if they are just perfect for you!"

- Katie Martin


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