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5 Benefits of Music Education [Why is it so important?]

the benefits of music education

Music Education is more than just learning how to read sheet music and play notes on an instrument.

Here are 5 key ways that players of all ages develop skills that can help enrich their lives outside of musical environments:

  1. Sharpens student attentiveness

  2. Boosts reading and language skills

  3. Supports study habits and self-esteem

  4. Fosters superior working memory

  5. Helps develop math skills

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Learn more about each of these benefits of music education below:

1. Sharpens student attentiveness: Building the habit of being in sync with your music director and learning in real time the consequences of not knowing where you are in the music carries over into other classroom settings resulting in more focus.

2. Boosts reading and language skills: The same parts of your brain required to read text are required to read music notes, and what is music if not another language?

3. Supports study habits and self-esteem: The practice, memorization, and mastery involved in nailing a piece of music require some pretty unique study techniques that can be carried over to all kinds of subjects. The more accomplished you feel at one thing, the more likely you are to try mastering another.

4. Fosters superior working memory: Ever hear a song you haven't heard for years, but you somehow still know all the words? Actively working out your musical memory in an educational setting fires up your brain to recall familiar passages, and be curious about what's next, which is a perfect mindset to take into other environments.

5. Helps develop math skills: Okay. But how? Engaging with repetition, focus, memorization, and the ability to recognize and engage with patterns. Now were we walking about music or math? It's both!

The benefits of music education don't stop here. New studies are always finding ways in which music education helps train our brain to be more creative.


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