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Holiday Gift Guide for Musicians 2021

Find the Perfect Gift for the Musician in Your Life

It's the holiday season, and that means you might be smack dab in the middle of trying to decide what to get for the musicians you know and love (even if that's yourself)!

From gift cards to turntables, guitar picks to pedals, instrument mustaches to cleaning kits, mouthpieces to mutes, rosin to bows, and sticks to multi-tools... we've got you covered!

We've curated items from our online stock to help take the guess work out of the gift giving process. Stuff your stockings, and pack your presents without ever leaving the house with free local delivery!

FUN FOR EVERYONE Not sure what to buy the musician who plays everything? New friends with someone you don't know much about? Looking for something functional AND fun? This is the collection for you!

GIFTS FOR GUITARISTS Pedals, picks, and polish. Budget friendly humidifiers, guitar stands, and strings. Amplifier headphones, guitar bags, and wireless systems! We know what the guitarist in your life needs.

GIFTS FOR WOODWIND PLAYERS Ligatures, and mustaches for your mouthpiece. Cleaning kits, popular sheet music, and mouthpiece cases. The perfect selection of gifts for sax players, clarinetists, flute players and more.

GIFTS FOR BRASS PLAYERS Mutes, music, and mouthpieces. Novelties and neoprene cases. Oils and cleaning kits. Find the perfect gift for the trumpet player, trombonist, or tuba lover in your life.

GIFTS FOR STRING PLAYERS Rosin guards and rest pouches. Cleaning kits and polish. 10% off Diamond bows by Coda Bow. Sheet music galore. The string player in your life is taken care of.

GIFTS FOR DRUMMERS Sticks, shakers, and multitools. Don't sweat the small stuff. We've got your back.

GIFT CARDS When in doubt, let the musician in your life make the choice. Illustrated by our in-house designer, there's a card here for everyone: the teacher, the Christmas lover, the desert enthusiast, the birthday babe, and the classic musician.

Not seeing the perfect gift here? Drop by the shop and ask one of our product specialists for some holiday help :)


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